Onewheel Tool Kit - Pint
  • Onewheel Tool Kit - Pint

    ProRide has put together a handy little tool kit for the Onewheel Pint. This organized zippered case is small enough to keep in your backpack and allows you to do basic maintenance and modifications. The T-handle torx is a nice feature to remove and install parts like float plates, fenders, bumpers and foot pads. The digital tire pressure gauge makes checking tire pressure easy. Also includes all the tools to remove the tire/hub from the board. Great travel companion and necessity for your Onewheel Pint!


    *Compatible with Onewheel Pint


    Product comes with:

    • Zippered organized case

    • T20 T-handle torx

    • T30 long handle torx

    • 3mm long handle allen

    • #1 phillips screwdriver

    • Digital tire pressure gauge

    • Valve core remover

    • ProRide stickers


    *Optional Trail Pump