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OneTool Multi - Wrench
  • OneTool Multi - Wrench

    OneTool is a fully custom solid steel multi-wrench designed specifically to work on all Onewheel models and features three magnetic 1/4" bit configuations for high and low torque functions. The optimized length of the wrench allows for the proper torque and the L- shape design can easily be transformed into a T-handle by placing a bit in the opposite end. The wrench attaches to the plastic base with three strong magnets where your able to store six bits, your choice to load the bits you need. It's a straight forward, no fuss, compact tool that gets the job done and sits comfortably in your pocket.


    **Patent Pending**


    Also included: (16) S2-high strength heat treated steel bits, extra bit cartrige, bonus magnetic bit holder shank for electric hand tool and a convenient storage pouch



    • 1/4" Hex Bit S2 Steel (axle)
    • 1/8" Hex Bit S2 Steel (bumpers, fender, foot pad)
    • 3/32" Hex Bit S2 Steel (battery, controller)
    • PH1 Bit S2 Steel (controller, axle covers)
    • Valve Core Remover Bit S2 Steel (tire schrader valve)
    • 3mm Ball Hex Bit S2 Steel (mag handle)
    • 3mm Hex Bit S2 Steel (motor cover)
    • 4mm Hex Bit S2 Steel (motor cover)
    • 5mm Hex Bit S2 Steel (axle spacer)
    • TS20 Security Bit S2 Steel (battery, controller)
    • T20 Torx Bit S2 Steel (bumpers, fender, foot pad)
    • T30 Torx Bit S2 Steel (axle)
    • T25 Torx BitS2 Steel (ProRide GT/GTS titanium)
    • T45 Torx Bit S2 Steel (ProRide GT/GTS titanium)
    • TP25 Torx Plus Bit S2 Steel (bumpers, fender, foot pad)
    • TP45 Torx Plus Bit S2 Steel (axle)


    • Features:

      • Custom Slim Compact Design
      • Weighs 6.8 oz (193 grams) With 6-Bits Loaded
      • Laser Printed Logos
    • Included:

      • OneTool Multi-Wrench
      • 16- Bits S2 Heat Treated Steel
      • Extra Bit Cartrige
      • Magnetic Bit Shank
      • Convient Storage Pouch
      • ProRide Stickers
    • Fitment:

      • Onewheel V1
      • Onewheel +
      • Onewheel + XR
      • Onewheel Pint
      • Onewheel Pint X
      • Onewheel GT
      • Onewheel GT S-Series
    $64.99 Regular Price
    $49.99Sale Price

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