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Onewheel Axle Hub Bolt - Pint / Pint X
  • Onewheel Axle Hub Bolt - Pint / Pint X

    ProRide high quality 304 stainless steel black oxide replacement axle bolts for the Pint and Pint X. We custom made these bolts with a deeper T30 drive to prevent stripping and treated them with a black oxide coating to reduce marring. These bolts won't loose their coating after you fasten them unlike the original bolts. Set of four or purchase individualy.



    Need tools?

    We highly recommend purchasing our OneTool Multi-Wrench specifically designed to fit all Onewheel models and all of our replacement hardware.

    • Included:

      • 304 Stainless Steel Black Oxide Axle Screw(s)
      • ProRide Stickers
    • Fitment:

      • Onewheel Pint
      • Onewheel Pint X

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