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Onewheel Titanium Axle Hub Bolt - GT / GTS
  • Onewheel Titanium Axle Hub Bolt - GT / GTS

    ProRide extremely high-quality grade 5 titanium replacement axle bolts for the GT & GT S-Series. We custom made these bolts with a more common found T45 torx drive, extra deep that will not strip. Ti nitride coated burnt blue color and features reduced weight and added strength compared to stock hardware. Set of four or purchase individualy. Recommended torque spec - 20 ft lbs.



    Need tools?

    We highly recommend purchasing our OneTool Multi-Wrench specifically designed to fit all Onewheel models and all of our replacement hardware.

    • Included:

      • Titanium Axle Screw(s)
      • ProRide Stickers
    • Fitment:

      • Onewheel GT
      • Onewheel GT S-Series
    • Features:

      • 50% lighter
      • 3X stronger
      • T45 deep drive
      • Ti nitride burnt blue titanium

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