Onewheel GT Traction Pad Set - Black (Love Hump Tail Compatible)
  • Onewheel GT Traction Pad Set - Black (Love Hump Tail Compatible)

    ProRide has created a compatible traction pad system for the Onewheel GT. The fusion of our surf style grip combined with the factory concave, makes a great ride more comfortable with the soft confident feel of foam under your feet. Our traction pads contour exaxtly to the the GT's concave foot pads and feature a diamond grip design that has been tested to be reliable under all conditions, on road or off road. The rear pad utilizes our signature kick at the end of the tail to encourage better board control, keeping you locked in and allowing you to rip aggressive turns that you'll be stoked on everytime. Barefoot or riding with shoes, the ProRide traction pad was designed and tested to relieve foot fatigue without compromising performance. Enhance your GT today for the ultimate riding experience!



    **Patented Technology**

    • Features:

      • Lightweight Diamond Grip Foam 
      • 20mm Rear Kick with Beveled Corners (optional)
      • 3M High Grade Adhesive
      • Soft Comfortable Ride
    • Included:

      • 2 - Piece Traction Pad Set (Black)
      • Installation and Removal Instructions
      • ProRide Stickers
    • Fitment:

      • Onewheel GT Love Hump Tail