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Onewheel - Trail Pump
  • Onewheel - Trail Pump

    Our Trail Pump is small enough to fit in your pocket and super light with it's all aluminum body. If your anything like us and love to air back up after an epic trail ride, pull over and pump up your tire to gain that needed range to get home. Granted, as with any mini-pump, you won't set any records for inflation time but it sure comes in handy when you need some air.


    • Features:

      • Lightweight Aluminum Construction
      • Small Compact Design
      • Laser Printed Logo
    • Included:

      • Trail Pump
      • ProRide Stickers
    • Fitment:

      • Onewheel+
      • Onewheel+ XR
      • Onewheel Pint
      • Onewheel Pint X 
      • Onewheel GT
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