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Green Rising Sun Surf Traction Pad

Surf Traction Pad - Rising Sun Green

Design Features:

  • Classic Diamond EVA Groove Foam: The diamond groove pattern provides excellent traction for your feet.
  • Medium-Sized Center Arch: This arch ensures perfect foot positioning, enhancing your control over the board.
  • 25mm Tail Block: The tail block creates a “locked-in” feeling, especially for back foot control during maneuvers.
  • Beveled Corners: Not only functional but also stylish.



  • The traction pad comes in a lightweight 3-piece design.
  • It features high-quality 3M adhesive on the bottom, ensuring long-lasting performance.



  • The Rising Sun Design pays tribute to the legendary surfer Andy Irons (R.I.P. A.I.).
  • Andy Irons was known for his incredible surfing skills and passion for the sport.


Whether you’re riding small waves or big waves, the ProRide Rising Sun Green surf traction pad is designed to enhance your surfing experience! 

  • Features:

    • Lightweight Diamond Grip Foam
    • 25mm Rear Kick with Beveled Corners
    • 3M High Grade Adhesive
  • Included:

    • 3 - Piece Traction Pad Set Rising Sun (Green/Black)
    • Installation Instructions
    • ProRide Sticker
  • Fitment:

    • Width 300mm - Length 320mm
    • Arch 7mm - Kick 25mm
    • 3 - Piece Pad - Diamond Groove

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